If you are a marketing leader, internal communications expert, corporate communications advisor, brand manager, growth hacker, CXO or an entrepreneur and looking out for creative video production services to showcase your business; Ultraviolet Films is the right partner for you. The Bangalore based corporate video production services company brings you the new age video production solutions to uplift your brand. At Ultraviolet Films, we craft inspiring videos for promising brands that tell a compelling story.

Ultraviolet Films Advantage

We strongly believe in the power of creativity combined with business understanding – this sets us apart in the industry. Building trust with our clients has been the foundation of our growth. Whether you need a live action video shoot or an animated explainer, we have the skills and experience to deliver on our promise. Over the last few years the company has established itself as a preferred video partner in Bangalore. We’ve filmed CEOs, young technology founders, VCs and angel investors, senior managers as well as the new hires – everyone has a story to tell. Our management has over 20 years experience in businesses from large corporates to SMEs and start-ups. With this wealth of experience, you can be sure that your brand is safe in our hands.

Corporate Video Production

What if with one powerful video, you could reach millions of people across the globe? Such impact is possible now with distribution platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Bangalore based corporate video production studio, Ultraviolet Films can create magic for you by crafting potent corporate films and showcase your company in the best possible light.

At Ultraviolet Films, we make each video with the utmost creativity, care, precision and dedication. Ultraviolet Films works more than a video production partner, we weave great stories for businesses across sectors to enable them to use power of video to create the optimal perception.With the rise of faster internet connectivity and uses of smartphones, video is becoming the most effective and preferred mean to showcase a business in India. Ultraviolet Films provides you the power of a creative corporate video. With our expert team, we deliver unique concept videos integrated with strong business messages to influence the target group within the defined corporate guidelines.

Believe the following statistics:


As reported by ReelSEO, in universal search results, videos commonly gets 41% higher click-through rate than their plain text counterparts


Video increases the chances of hitting the first page of Google search results by 53X, excerpts Forrester Research


Forbes states that 60% of people prefer watching a video over reading plain text
70% of B2B businesses are using video as a marketing tactic as per Marketing Profs

As the emerging leader in the corporate video production segment in Bangalore, we rightly understand the customized video needs of our clients which varies in terms of messaging, target audience and quality. We deliver this with our exceptionally talented in house team which is expert in the best line cutting edge video technologies.

How Ultraviolet Films can help?

May it be brand videos, training videos, corporate events, corporate presentations, B2B video or documentary; we are the expert for the all. Take a look on the below events,

  • New product or service launches: Quickest, easiest and best way to communicate the unique value proposition of your new product or service
  • Conferences: At your conference stand you’ll be competing with everyone else there for the attention of your potential customers. Your customers will give you very little time to communicate your value – make sure you do it right!
  • First touch for business development: Modern way to introduce your value proposition to a potential client. In this way once you meet your client in a face to face meeting they already know the basics of what you do so you can have a more meaningful discussion about opportunities
  • Attract funding: If you are in considering raising funds from angels, private equity or VCs; a sound corporate video of your company depicting its value proposition, culture and people will go a long way towards establishing a favourable perception
  • Global / Nationwide messages to your employees: You are a multinational company and need to communicate a new employee policy among global employees. Creating a video would be the easiest way to do that
  • Motivational career profiles: A motivational video is the most powerful way to inspire employees and guide them to take charge of their careers to achieve more. Seeing how some of the others in your company did it would help new hires substantially
  • HR recruitment aid: It’s the most exciting and creative way to showcase the pulse and culture of a company to attract new talents
  • Internal PR: Maybe you need to showcase your team or highlight a special project that would be of benefit others within the organisation. Have it made professionally with Ultraviolet Films.
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Ultraviolet Films provides end to end corporate video production solutions. From script to screen and everything between! If you are looking out for creative and professional corporate video production services in Bangalore, we would be the right partner for your need.
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