We have significant experience in both business as well as design and film-making. Our expert cinematographers and editors have experience of corporate videos, music videos, TV commercials, and even feature films. That’s a powerful combination and translates into better story-telling.

  • It depends ! There are many factors involved in making a quality video production. They key is in developing a true understanding of the objectives, the target audience and what action you want the video to motivate. You can film with the highest definition, most expensive camera and lighting in the world but if your story is weak your final video will also be weak
  • Prices depend on the production value required – for instance if we need to add higher end cameras, crew, animations, specific stock footage, licensed music, VFX etc
  • Get a briefing
  • We will quote for the work
  • Confirm order with an advance payment
  • Planning meeting
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Delivery
  • You should budget 4-6 weeks for most corporate videos
  • The editing and post-production phases are usually the most time consuming
  • Videos executed in a hurry are usually compromised in some way
  • A 50% advance is made to confirm your order
  • Additional staged payments will be scheduled based upon the specifics of the project
  • We try to be as unobtrusive as possible for corporate shoots realising that we are operating on a live site where people are going about their regular working duties
  • It depends on issues like number of cameras / equipment required, size of venue, any restrictions
  • Typically a minimum of 3 people will be on site / a director, a cameraman and a lighting assistant. Sometimes additional personnel may be required like a sound recordist, lighting engineers etc. If cinema cameras are being used then the crew can easily go much higher (10+).
  • It’s important to look at what you want your video to achieve and how the team that you employ are qualified to deliver against that brief. Our team members have significant professional experience in marketing, design, cinematography working with major brands and corporates. We know what works and are well positioned to deliver a professional result. Remember you are projecting your brand image through this video so it is important to have confidence in the team you are working with
  • We have been trusted by major multinational clients as well as SMEs to tell their story.

Of course ! In fact we expect it – after all, no one knows your company as well as you do. It is your video so clearly you should have an input to it, however we will give advice based upon our experience as to what works well and what doesn’t

  • If something changes the scope of the video that was not included in the original quotation then we will need to go through a change management process
  • Highlight your requirements as early as possible – we will assess these and get back to you with any amendments required to the production schedule or costs. There are certain things that can be changed and there are others that can’t once the assets have been captured

For our corporate customers who have regular requirements and need rapid turnaround we will be happy to make special commercial arrangements. Please contact us for further details.

We are Bangalore based but happy to work across India and indeed abroad if required