What Now?

Every video requirement begins with a consultation to determine the basics of the requirement in terms of the desired outcome for example :
  • Improving our profile on social media
  • Creating a campaign to popularise a product or service
  • Informing or educating potential customers about a new feature or concept we have developed

Once we know the basics of your requirement and the audience you intend to target we will determine a plan to bring that alive through video. A proposal containing a concept idea and budgetary pricing will be sent to you. Should you want to proceed with us then an advance confirms your order and we can begin the production process.

The production process flow is divided into 4 key areas :

Planning the video is a collaborative process so we’ll schedule a brainstorming session to kick the process off. Here we devise the appropriate style and narrative to get your messages across in a manner that will be compelling to your target audience and consistent with your brand values.

  • Detailed concepting of the idea
  • Storyboarding
  • Location planning / permissions etc

This involves the capture of the assets required to produce the video. These will be captured through a combination of on-site shoots (interviews, office / factory scenes etc).

  • Shooting plan / schedule
  • Footage Capture

This is where the magic happens to bring together all the components to make your video really shine !

  • Editing, voiceover, music, grading / colour correction, audio mastering, effects/graphics, rendering
  • At the end of this we will have a rough cut that is ready for review. Following a review of the video we will incorporate agreed changes that are within the original scope and provide you with the final video – it’s that simple !

Rendered output in choice of digital formats ready for uploading to website or social media platforms