It’s in the editing room where the magic takes place. This is where the skill of the editor spots every nuance of dialogue, each subtle change of expression to weave a powerful storyline that meets your objectives and inspire actions.

Perhaps you have your own footage of client testimonials that you want to make it more compelling, or employee feedback, or senior manager comments – pretty much anything for which you didn’t have a professional filming crew on board at the time. We can ensure that your footage looks stunning by integrating right mix of creativity and technology.

Ultraviolet Films – Post-production service

Post-production is a skilled process which requires in-depth experience with cutting edge and sophisticated software tools and hardware as well as a creative eye to get the best out of the source material. We offer video editing as a services in Bangalore since many of our customers have their own footage but don’t really have the tools or experience to get the best out of it. This is a cost-effective way of utilising those video assets.

Maybe you are trying to make a corporate film within a stipulated budget but can’t really afford a film crew. Well you could try our post-production services in Bangalore. You script and film, we take care of the rest by projecting it desired way:

Rearranging your footage sequences to produce a concise punchy film
Maybe you want to change formats to be suitable for streaming, web use etc.
Maybe you took footage handheld and want a smoother look
If you want to make your footage look more cinematic
Noise reduction, dialogue mastering, adding music, sound effects
Subtitling in different languages

Ultraviolet Films, being a premium service provider for creative services such as video editing in Bangalore, offers many advantages to its clients. Attention to detail and commitment to superior quality are the traits that keep our clients delighted each time.
If you are in search of

  • High-quality video editing services within stipulated budget
  • Well-equipped production and editing studio with latest editing tools and software
  • Well-trained video editing team, capable of handling bulk editing requirements
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