The first question everyone asks is “How much does a corporate video cost in Bangalore?”
Well I’m sure you probably already know the answer to this one ……yes that’s right….it depends! Just like different cars or different weddings cost varying amounts so it is with video production services too. There are so many variables involved in the cost of production that it wouldn’t make sense to have a single fixed price.

The real question is what does the price depend on? Well first and foremost you need to understand why you’ve decided to get a corporate video made in the first place. It could be for any number of reasons but here are some of the most common that we’ve seen:

  • Companies want to capture their client testimonials to use on their website
  • Businesses want an ‘elevator pitch’ that quickly summarises their value proposition for their About Us page or to include as a link in email campaigns
  • Teams want a video so they can distribute their message globally without having to go for a physical presentation that could be time consuming and expensive
  • Startups looking to project their company culture to new hires, investors and customers
  • Promotional pitches for new products or services
  • Explainer videos for a new concept or business idea
  • Background video for trade conferences

As you can see there are multiple applications for a corporate video production services and the approach taken and the cost would be based upon a few key factors:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How will the video be distributed?
  • What are the key messages you want them to take away?
  • What action do you want from them having seen the video?

Once we know what you’re trying to achieve it becomes much easier to plan the video and this is where the real skill comes in. The video production services process consists of 3 major steps plus the delivery and distribution:

Planning and pre-production

This is where your objectives are aligned with your constraints such as timelines, budgets, locations etc to formulate a narrative structure that will deliver what you need.


Here we capture all of the assets required to make the film. This could involve a live shoot, animation work, voiceover recording etc


This stage is where we bring everything together to weave a coherent storyline that takes your viewers on a journey. There is a significant technical component to this stage as well as the creative angle. There will be audio mastering, colour correction, synchronising, effects compositing, typography, motion graphics among other things so this stage is time consuming.

So how much does a video cost?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of corporate video services are seen below:

  • Shooting requirements (no of days, locations,lighting & equipment, permissions required etc)
  • Licensing requirements such as stock footage, music, voiceover
  • Any VFX, motion graphics, animation requirements

In Bangalore a decent corporate video production would typically start at Rs1.5Lakhs for a fairly basic treatment services. More advanced styles including significant use of actors/presenters, stock footage, animation or compositing could easily extend beyond Rs10Lakhs.
The key to a successful outcome is to engage your video partner as early as possible and explain what you’re trying to achieve as well as any constraints. In this way your video production partner is best placed to help you on your journey in Bangalore, India.