Client Testimonials

It’s clear that video content is going to continue to be a major source of engagement for brands with their clients in 2019. It’s absolutely crucial to all digital marketing and content marketing strategies. So why are so many companies ignoring this powerful medium ? Take for example one of the most powerful means of communicating your company’s value – the client testimonial.

How many of you have these filmed and ready to deploy ?

Ok some of you will have text versions which are quicker and easier to capture but think how much more powerful a nice 1-3 minute video story of your client would be  ?

You could explain some of these elements that potential clients would want to know :

What the problem was that brought them to you ?

How they evaluated your solution ?

How the solution has now benefited them ?

We did a series of these for PayPal to help them promote their small business solutions in South East Asia.

Take a look at a couple of them below :

These don’t just give viewers a much richer and more comprehensive picture of the solution and it’s benefits than a simple text testimonial but also provide an opportunity to emote with the person and their story / motivation.

Just think how you could use these in your marketing efforts ?

Here’s another set we did for Monexo a peer to peer lending platform. They use this to support their marketing efforts. They can attach the links to email marketing or include them at trade shows as openers.

What’s great about video testimonials is they can add a valuable form of social proof to support your existing marketing efforts. They are very easy to distribute and therefore suit other digital marketing efforts such as email marketing, landing pages, social media posts etc. Also your clients feel valued when they are asked to provide them so it adds an additional element to the relationship.

Feel free to contact us should you wish to film testimonials for your business !